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Annual Student Awards

Every year at the Spring Members’ Meeting, awards are given to deserving students who have exhibited strong leadership and academic prowess. Below are the recipients for 2019.

Adam Anhang Memorial Fellowship
Barry Chiu – Wharton Undergraduate

Andrew Murphy Fellowship in Real Estate
Victoria Goodman – Wharton MBA
Marty Long – Wharton MBA

Ballard Fund for Real Estate Excellence Award
Angelica Zhou – Wharton Undergraduate
Laura Hempton – Wharton Undergraduate
Karina Martin – Wharton MBA
Michael Amato – Wharton MBA
Katherine Salvatori – Wharton Undergraduate

Benjamin Franklin Kahn/WRIT Real Estate Scholarship
Seong Lee – Wharton MBA

Herbert K. Brown Scholastic Foundation Scholarship
Suganth Kannan – Wharton Undergraduate
Tanvi Parakh – Wharton Undergraduate

Jerome Freedman Memorial Award in Real Estate
Huiyao Chen – Wharton MBA

Jimmy Goettee Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Isabella Wei – Wharton MBA
Vikas Brahmbhatt – Wharton MBA
Will Smith – Wharton MBA

Jonas and Ann Brodie Real Estate Mortgage Banking Prize
Chris Fletcher – Wharton MBA

Marshall Bennett Ski Classic Fellowship
Piero Remedios – Wharton MBA

Martin Bucksbaum Memorial Fellowship
Jibran Khan – Wharton MBA

Richard Frost Award
Helen Robb – Fels MPA
Alexis Lee – Wharton Undergraduate
Lisa Wen – Wharton MBA

Robert E. Linneman Memorial Fellowship
Maggie Mulhern – Wharton MBA
Spencer Topf – Wharton MBA

Robert Olnick Scholars Award
Elana Fortson – Wharton Undergraduate
Iman Tajadod – Wharton Undergraduate
Rachel Pomerantz – Wharton Undergraduate

Ronen Katz Memorial Award
Carol Chen – Wharton Undergraduate
Sanjit Chakravarty – Wharton Undergraduate

William Mack Award
Nicole Robertson – Wharton MBA

William Zucker Award
Christie Chen – Wharton MBA
Brian Riemer – Wharton MBA
Joseph Moita – Law
Michael Wallach – Wharton Undergraduate
Ahaan Arora – Wharton Undergraduate