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The Helfand/Bluhm Career Support Fellowship*

*Made possible by the David Helfand, PAR ’20 and Leslie Bluhm, PAR ’20 Zell/Lurie Real Estate Fund.


The David Helfand, PAR ’20 and Leslie Bluhm, PAR ’20 Zell/Lurie Real Estate Fund was created in 2019 from a generous gift by David Helfand and Leslie Bluhm. With this gift the Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center created the Helfand/Bluhm Career Support Fellowship Program. The fellowship program will distribute individual grants to students with financial need to help defray the cost of qualified expenses for real estate career search activities including travel, networking, interviews, conferences, and other related concerns. 


Below are maximum reimbursable amounts by region. This is the maximum award you can receive per trip.  Students can only be reimbursed for travel taken during the current academic year.

You can only submit one application per trip. Please do not combine expenses from multiple trips into one application. If you are making reoccurring trips to one destination we still require that each trip is reimbursed separately.

Funding will not be granted for any group trip that conflicts with classes. Funding will not be granted for any trip that fails to obtain necessary school approvals.



The application window is currently open and applications are reviewed and approved on a rolling basis.  


Claire Harte
Administrative Coordinator
Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center


The deadline to submit materials for a Helfand/Bluhm Fellowship for this academic year is May 3. Every applicant must complete the Helfand/Bluhm Fellowship Application.

If you receive a Helfand/Bluhm Career Support Fellowship, instructions for reimbursement are provided within the award letter. Please make sure to read all policies for reimbursement. All reimbursement requests should be submitted to Claire Harte at the Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center.   

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