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Member Participation

An integral role of the Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center is bringing together Center members with our real estate students in programs such as the Ballard Executive Visitor Program, the Career Mentor Program, the annual Career Fair, and during our Spring and Fall Members' Meetings. The students appreciate having the opportunity to brainstorm career choices and decisions with seasoned real estate leaders. These programs have proven to be an excellent way for our students to meet with and obtain advice from leading executives in our industry.

Career Mentors

Real estate majors are paired with industry leaders who offer insights gained from their professional experience.

Ballard Executive Visitors

Our Research Sponsors are invited each academic year to serve as Ballard Executive Visitors, meeting during an informal luncheon setting that provides a forum for students to meet these key industry executives. Ballard visitors often have one-on-one sessions with students—an invaluable chance for interaction with some of the most influential members of the real estate community. If you are a Center Research Sponsor and would like to participate in this program, please contact Ron Smith.

The Ballard Executive Visitors for the 2023-2024 academic year are:

23rd Annual Career Fair

This highly successful and popular event annually attracts executives from the nation's leading real estate and financial firms to meet and interview promising real estate students. Our 2024 Career Fair registration call attracted 50 companies. Due to a suspension of University operations, we were forced to cancel and will announce updates on our Career Fair website.

Resume Books

The Zell/Lurie Student and Alumni Resume Books represent the University's best and brightest students who are seriously interested in exploring the challenges and opportunities to be found in the real estate profession. The resume books are interactive and you may search for students interested in internships or full-time positions by interest and location.

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