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Topic: Foreclosures

Working Papers

#643 · Sustainable Homeownership Paul S. Calem, Marsha J. Courchane and Susan M. Wachter
#653 · Mortgage Product Substitution and State Anti-Predatory Lending Laws: Better Loans and Better Borrowers? Raphael Bostic, Souphala Chomsisengphet, Kathleen C. Engel, Patricia A. McCoy, Anthony Pennington-Cross and Susan M. Wachter
#660 · Is This the Worst Ever Yet? Peter Linneman
#669 · An Urban Slice of Apple Pie: Rethinking Homeownership in U.S. Cities Georgette Chapman Phillips
#674 · Anatomy of a Crisis Bowen H. McCoy
#688 · Forces Influencing the Housing Market Recovery Kenneth T. Rosen
#783 · A New Look at the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis: Panel Data Evidence of Prime and Subprime Borrowers from 1997 to 2012 Fernando Vendramel Ferreira and Joseph Gyourko