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Topic: Multi-family


Navigating the Short-term Multifamily Rental Market Brad Korman, Co-CEO of Korman Communities
What Do Apartment Tenants Want, and Where Do They Want It? Cities vs. Suburbs Brad Korman, Co-CEO of Korman Communities

Working Papers

#363 · Developing the Right REIT Strategy: Recommendations for Two Multifamily Companies Evan Henkin, Kelley Mast, Jacob Slosburg and Andrew Stewart
#425 · The Multi-Family Rental Housing Outlook J. Ronald Terwilliger
#457 · Two Decades of Multifamily Financing Donald S. Bradley, Frank E. Nothaft and Michael A. Schoenbeck
#519 · What Should Stabilized Multifamily Cap Rates Be? Peter Linneman
#651 · Stylistic Trends in Multifamily Housing Michael Ytterberg