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Topic: Sub-Prime Mortgages

Working Papers

#404 · The Neighborhood Distribution of Subprime Mortgage Lending Paul S. Calem, Kevin Gillen and Susan M. Wachter
#547 · Subprime Lending: Neighborhood Patterns Over Time Jonathan Hershaff, Susan M. Wachter and Karl Russo
#565 · State and Local Anti-Predatory Lending Laws: The Effect of Legal Enforcement Mechanisms Susan M. Wachter, Raphael Bostic, Kathleen Engel and Anthony Pennington-Cross
#566 · Aggressive Lending and Real Estate Markets Andrey D. Pavlov and Susan M. Wachter
#585 · The Housing Finance Revolution: Implications for the Subprime Market Richard K. Green and Susan M. Wachter
#607 · Subprime Lending and House Price Volatility Andrey D. Pavlov and Susan M. Wachter
#616 · The Capital Markets Disarray Peter Linneman
#617 · Anatomy of the Housing Market Boom and Correction Kenneth T. Rosen
#618 · The Wild Ride of Mortgage-Backed Securities Stephen A. Roth
#631 · How We Got to the Credit Crisis Peter Linneman
#632 · The Subprime Mortgage Market and the Valuation of Subprime Bonds William R. Greenberg and Brook S. Payner
#633 · The Premature Pricing of Commercial Real Estate Distress Neil Barve, Aaron Bryson, Tee Yong Chew and Wei Jin
#639 · Credit Impairment and Housing Tenure Choice Paul S. Calem, Simon Firestone and Susan M. Wachter
#644 · Systemic Risk Through Securitization: The Result of Deregulation and Regulatory Failure Patricia A. McCoy, Andrey D. Pavlov and Susan M. Wachter
#655 · Subprime Lending and Real Estate Prices Andrey D. Pavlov and Susan M. Wachter
#662 · Black Swans in Blue Suits Bowen H. McCoy
#666 · The Jumbled Alphabet Soup of the Collapsed Home Mortgage Market: ABCP, CDO, CDS and RMBS Georgette Chapman Phillips
#669 · An Urban Slice of Apple Pie: Rethinking Homeownership in U.S. Cities Georgette Chapman Phillips
#671 · Bad and Good Securitization Susan M. Wachter
#673 · Unraveling Housing Price Inflation Manning Feng and Peter Linneman
#783 · A New Look at the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis: Panel Data Evidence of Prime and Subprime Borrowers from 1997 to 2012 Fernando Vendramel Ferreira and Joseph Gyourko
#792 · Homeownership and the Use of Nontraditional and Subprime Mortgages Arthur Acolin, Raphael W. Bostic, Xudong An and Susan M. Wachter