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2022-2023: The Year in Review

The five student real estate clubs organized multiple in-person professional and social events.

Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center funds the five University of Pennsylvania’s Real Estate Clubs, and the Center works closely with club leadership.

Highlights from the MBA Real Estate Club

The MBA Real Estate Club held many events this past year, ranging from treks, speakers, and trainings, to social events. Below are just a few highlights.

In September 2022, the Wharton Real Estate Club held its first Fall 2022 trek to visit multi-family properties in Philadelphia. The club was hosted by Trammel Crow Company and PMC Property.

This was followed in October 2022 with a New York City trek to meet with Tishman Speyer, Related, and Rockefeller Group. Through Related, the Club was able to tour 15 and 35 Hudson Yards.

In March 2023, the Wharton Real Estate Club held a Philadelphia Real Estate Entrepreneurship Spotlight at Lincoln Financial Field. Club members had the opportunity to network with Philadelphia entrepreneurs David Adelman, CEO of Campus Apartments, and Frank Gumienny, CFO of the Philadelphia Eagles. Later in the Spring, the Club also held a trek to visit Philadelphia’s Navy Yard and met with Ensemble.

Highlights from the Undergraduate Real Estate Club

The Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club organized multiple treks and other events in 2022-23. The Club’s Boston trek was held in October 2022 and featured visits with Related Companies, Boston Properties, and Samuels & Associates. The Club organized a Chicago trek in November 2022 to visit Oxford Capital Group and participate in small-group conversations with John Rutledge, CEO of Oxford Capital Group; Andy Gloor, CEO of Sterling Bay; and Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, architects of Burj Khalifa.

For their final trek of the Fall 2022 semester, the Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club traveled to New York to take tours hosted by Hines, Starwood, and SL Green.

In February 2023, the Club headed to New York for a trek to meet with Angelo Gordon, Bridge Investment Group, Tishman Speyer, and Sculptor.

In addition to treks, the Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club organized a number of speaker events and ended the year with a talk by Jasvinder Khaira, Senior Managing Director at Blackstone. 

Highlights from the Weitzman School of Design

The Weitzman School of Design Real Estate Club took part in a tour of the Phase 3 of the Sharswood development by Pennrose in October 2022.

In the Spring semester the Club toured the Curtis building, a historic building in downtown Philadelphia. In addition, numerous Weitzman School of Design Real Estate Club members attended the APA Conference. 

Highlights from the Penn Student Women in Real Estate

The Penn Student Women in Real Estate (PSWiRE) Club hosted a “State of Development and Lending” speaker panel with CIM Group in December 2022. The panel included speakers Kelly Nealis, Vice President of Investments, and Lina Lee, Vice President of Development .

In addition, PSWiRE hosted a small group dinner with Trammell Crow Company in October 2022, a mixer in November 2022, and a holiday party in December 2022. In the Spring, PSWiRE held a speaker series with Toll Brothers executives Jane Ashwood, Vice President of Property Management; Jill Sarcia, Vice President of Purchasing; and Alexandra Zeuli, Finance Director, came to campus to speak with the club about luxury multifamily development.


The Center hosted a virtual Argus training for students.  Research Sponsors met for a dinner and moderated talk at Aquavit in New York City.