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2022-2023: The Year in Review

This year’s Ballard Executive Speaker Program brought 14 industry leaders to speak with our students.

Through the Ballard Executive Speaker Program, Wharton/Penn students have the invaluable opportunity to meet in small group settings with leading real estate professionals. We were delighted to host 14 Research Sponsors this year:

2022-2023 Ballard Speakers

David Adelman

Campus Apartments

Robert Bellinger

ASB Real Estate Investments

Todd Briddell

CenterSquare Investment Management

Gillian Cho

CanTex Capital

Adam Gallistel

GIC Real Estate, Inc.

Bruce Gamble

Ankura Consulting Group

David Helfand

Equity Commonwealth

Andy Jonas

Goldman, Sachs & Co., LLC

Bradley Korman

Korman Communities, Inc.

Ronald Kravit

Cerberus Capital Management

Ephram Lustgarten

Global Holdings

Steven Montague


Alfonso Munk


Neil Rubler

Vessel Technologies Inc.


In the fall we welcomed the Class of 2026 to campus.  Our Research Sponsors enjoyed a dinner and talk at the Mütter Museum.