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Topic: Housing Supply


Is a Real Estate Downturn Imminent in the U.S.? Jim Groch, Chief Financial Officer, CBRE

Working Papers

#388 · Predicting Long-Term Trends and Market Cycles in Commercial Real Estate Glenn R. Mueller
#394 · Do Low Income Housing Subsidies Increase Housing Consumption? Todd Sinai and Joel Waldfogel
#401 · The Role of Speculation in Real Estate Cycles Stephen Malpezzi and Susan M. Wachter
#425 · The Multi-Family Rental Housing Outlook J. Ronald Terwilliger
#486 · Urban Growth and Housing Supply Edward L. Glaeser, Joseph Gyourko and Raven E. Saks
#498 · Housing Supply Restrictions Across the United States Raven E. Saks
#521 · Do Low-Income Housing Subsidies Increase the Occupied Housing Stock? Todd Sinai and Joel Waldfogel
#551 · The South Florida Condominium Market Kenneth T. Rosen and Charlie H. Rose
#562 · Real Estate Market Fundamentals in South Florida John E. Bibish IV and Jesse M. Keenan
#561 · Housing Dynamics Edward L. Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko
#604 · Residential Land Recapitalization: Equity Returns for Debt Risk Larry Burnett, Caroline Jones and Adam Krug
#607 · Subprime Lending and House Price Volatility Andrey D. Pavlov and Susan M. Wachter
#624 · Urban Housing Demand Todd Sinai
#626 · Housing Supply and Housing Bubbles Edward L. Glaeser, Joseph Gyourko and Albert Saiz
#679 · Can Cheap Credit Explain the Housing Boom? Edward L. Glaeser, Joshua D. Gottlieb and Joseph Gyourko
#688 · Forces Influencing the Housing Market Recovery Kenneth T. Rosen
#714 · Anatomy of the Beginning of the Housing Boom: U.S. Neighborhoods and Metropolitan Areas, 1993-2009 Fernando Vendramel Ferreira and Joseph Gyourko
#715 · The Rise, Fall, and Return of the Public Option in Housing Finance Adam J. Levitin and Susan M. Wachter
#717 · The Housing Bubble Adam J. Levitin and Susan M. Wachter
#718 · Why Housing? Adam J. Levitin and Susan M. Wachter
#719 · House Price Moments in Boom-Bust Cycles Todd Sinai
#721 · Real Estate Prices in Beijing, 1644 to 1840 Daniel Raff, Susan M. Wachter and Se Yan
#722 · The Affordability Challenge: Inclusionary Housing and Community Land Trusts in a Federal System Richard Voith and Susan M. Wachter
#782 · Regulation and Housing Supply Joseph Gyourko and Raven Molloy