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Industry leaders gathered at our Fall Members’ Meeting.

November 2018

Our Fall Members' Meeting took place on November 2, 2018.

Meeting Summary

Guests enjoyed a networking lunch after the morning programming.

Our Fall Members' Meeting featured captivating lectures, thought-provoking panels, and terrific networking opportunities.

Owen Thomas, Chief Executive Officer at Boston Properties, gave a lecture on the state of the office market.

Panelists MaryAnne Gilmartin, James Groch, and Jamie Hodari further discussed the future of the office sector with Asuka Nakahara.

Matt Bronfman, Adam Gallistel, and Adam Schwartz engaged in a roundtable discussion on investing, risk adjusting, and fundraising strategies with Ron Kravit.


Research Sponsors enjoyed a private dinner and talk at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Cohort Breakout Sessions continued at this year's Fall Members' Meeting.


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