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2020-2021: The Year in Review

Congratulations to this year’s student scholarship and award winners.

April 2021

Every year at the Spring Members’ Meeting, awards are given to deserving students who have exhibited strong leadership and academic prowess. Below are the recipients for 2021.

To review the entire 2021 Award Booklet  which includes student and faculty award winners as well as a list of members and non-members who went out of their way to connect with our students in the virtual classroom, on a career panel, as mentors, or as special visitors  please click here.

Andrew Murphy Fellowship in Real Estate
Andrew Karas – Wharton MBA
Margo Sulmont – Wharton MBA

Ballard Fund for Real Estate Excellence Award
Kshitiz Garg – Wharton Undergraduate
Andrew Guerra – Wharton MBA
Javion Joyner – Wharton Undergraduate
Peggy Moriarty – Wharton MBA
Charlie Sherman – Wharton MBA

Benjamin Franklin Kahn/WRIT Real Estate Scholarship
Ross Shahinian– Wharton MBA

Herbert K. Brown Scholastic Foundation Scholarship
Carly De La Hoz – Wharton MBA

Jerome Freedman Memorial Award in Real Estate
Paul Kim – Wharton MBA

Jimmy Goettee Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Ryan Brown – Wharton MBA
Brian Fulginiti – Wharton MBA
Michal Sobierajski – Wharton MBA

Jonas and Ann Brodie Real Estate Mortgage Banking Prize
Isabelle Granahan-Field – Wharton MBA

Marshall Bennett Ski Classic Fellowship
Viman Singh – Wharton MBA

Martin Bucksbaum Memorial Fellowship
Lauren Black – Wharton MBA
Caroline Feeley – Wharton MBA
Jacob Morello – Wharton MBA
Vicky Plestis – Wharton MBA
Benjamin Spiritos – Wharton MBA

Richard Frost Award
Ariel Stern – Wharton MBA
Robensky Theodore – Wharton MBA
Jamie Wang – Wharton Undergraduate
Jane Young – Wharton Undergraduate

Robert E. Linneman Memorial Fellowship
Paige Bellissimo– Wharton MBA
Brittany Drengler – Wharton MBA
Lizbeth Nunez – Wharton MBA

Robert Olnick Scholars Award
Jordan Hitchcock – Wharton MBA
Oscar Wong – Wharton MBA
Xiaojin (Judy) Zhou – Wharton Undergraduate

Ronen Katz Memorial Award
Luke Coleman – Wharton Undergraduate
Kayla Weismuller – Wharton MBA
Matthew Weltmann – Wharton Undergraduate

William Mack Award
Chloe Ruan – Wharton MBA

William Zucker Award
Dylan Margolin – Wharton MBA
Dennis Oussenko – Wharton Undergraduate
Stephen Rothstein – Wharton MBA
Jichao Xu – Wharton MBA
Anders Zhou – Wharton Undergraduate

WX Scholars
Lauren Black – Wharton MBA
Jessica Pasik – Wharton Undergraduate
Samantha Rachseky – Wharton MBA
Chloe Ruan – Wharton MBA


The Center hosted the Spring Members’ Meeting as a virtual teleconference.  This year brought changes to the Zell/Lurie Advisory Board.