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Investing in the U.S. and Latin America Alfonso J. Munk, Managing Director, Americas and Chief Investment Officer, PGIM Real Estate
Pointers on Investing Domestically and Internationally Carl Tash, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Starwood Capital Group
Comparing the Real Estate Market in 2015 to 2016 and Making Predictions Jim Groch, Chief Financial Officer, CBRE

Working Papers

#803 · Accessing Homeownership With Credit Constraints Arthur Acolin, Laurie Goodman and Susan M. Wachter
#355 · Real Estate Ethics Bowen H. McCoy
#356 · Internal Transparency in Real Estate Markets Jacques N. Gordon
#371 · International Real Estate Investing Peter Linneman
#473 · Global Trends and Performance Effects in Corporate Real Estate Dirk Brounen and Piet Eichholtz
#474 · Global Financial Centers After 9/11 Saskia Sassen
#475 · Cities and Globalization Witold Rybczynski
#495 · The Expanding World of Cross-Border Real Estate
#496 · Hurdle Rates for International Real Estate Investing Kenneth T. Rosen and Daniel T. Van Dyke
#537 · Redefining Corporate Real Estate Julie E. Benezet and Maureen A. Welch
#545 · Underpriced Default Spread Exacerbates Market Crashes Winston T.H. Koh, Roberto S. Mariano, Andrey D. Pavlov, Sock Yong Phang, Augustine H. H. Tan and Susan M. Wachter
#557 · International Comparison of Housing Risk Premia Chris Julliard and Grace Wong
#585 · The Housing Finance Revolution: Implications for the Subprime Market Richard K. Green and Susan M. Wachter
#605 · Real Estate Transparency Jacques N. Gordon
#613 · Mortgage Put Options and Real Estate Markets Andrey D. Pavlov and Susan M. Wachter
#634 · Re-Thinking Our Financial System Ethan Penner
#675 · Sustainability Assessment in a Global Market Ali Malawi and Fried Augenbroe
#685 · The De-Leveraging of Global Real Estate Jacques N. Gordon and Richard Kleinman
#705 · The Surprises of International Real Estate Jacques N. Gordon
#750 · Growing Through Cities In Developing Countries Gilles Duranton
#776 · Macroeconomic risk factors and the role of mispriced credit in the returns from international real estate securities Andrey D. Pavlov, Eva Steiner, Susan M. Wachter
#779 · Growing through Cities in Developing Countries Gilles Duranton
#781 · Global Food Prices and Domestic Inflation: Some Cross-Country Evidence Davide Furceri, Prakash Loungani, John Simon and Susan M. Wachter