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2021-2022: The Year in Review

We congratulated this year’s student scholarship and award winners.

April 2022

Every year at the Spring Members’ Meeting, awards are given to deserving students who have exhibited strong leadership and academic prowess. Below are the recipients for 2022.

Adam Anhang Memorial Fellowship
Adam Bernstein – Wharton Undergraduate

Andrew Murphy Fellowship in Real Estate
Paige Bellissmo – Wharton MBA
Billin Li – Wharton MBA
Lizbeth Nunez – Wharton MBA

Ballard Fund for Real Estate Excellence Award
Jacob Bendell – Wharton Undergraduate
Griffin Cooper – Wharton MBA
Vijit Kapoor– Wharton MBA
Yichuan Ma – Wharton MBA
David Prieto – Wharton MBA
Linna Zambardino – Wharton MBA

Benjamin Franklin Kahn/WRIT Real Estate Scholarship
Samuel Prieto – Wharton MBA

Herbert K. Brown Scholastic Foundation Scholarship
Ryan Finvarb – Wharton Undergraduate
Joshua Lee – Wharton Undergraduate

Jerome Freedman Memorial Award in Real Estate
Jason Green – Wharton MBA

Jimmy Goettee Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Andrew Bekkevold – Wharton MBA
Brittany Drengler – Wharton MBA

Jonas and Ann Brodie Real Estate Mortgage Banking Prize
Carly de la Hoz – Wharton MBA

Marshall Bennett Ski Classic Fellowship
Blair Boyce – Wharton MBA

Martin Bucksbaum Memorial Fellowship
Isabelle Granahan-Field – Wharton MBA
Michael Russell – Wharton MBA
Ryan Smith – Wharton MBA
Kayla Weismuller – Wharton MBA

Richard Frost Award
Javion Joyner – Wharton Undergraduate
Andrew Kliewer – Carey Law School
Amine Soufaih – Wharton Undergraduate
Sonia Tartakovsky – Wharton Undergraduate

Robert E. Linneman Memorial Fellowship
Laura Claggett – Wharton MBA
Sergio Claure – Wharton MBA

Robert Olnick Scholars Award
Madison Kendall – Wharton Undergraduate
Kaitlin Young – Wharton Undergraduate

Ronen Katz Memorial Award
Carolyn Canavan – Wharton Undergraduate
Breland Finch – Wharton Undergradutate
Laurel McKelvey – Wharton Undergraduate

William Mack Award
Ross Shahinian – Wharton MBA

William Zucker Award
Aimee Cheng – Wharton MBA
Kshitiz Garg – Wharton Undergraduate
Laura Knebel – Wharton MBA
Jamie Marvil – Wharton MBA
David Wang – Wharton Undergraduate

WX Scholars
Carly de la Hoz – Wharton MBA
Sarah Nehmeh – Wharton MBA
Madeline Zuber – Wharton Undergraduate


Research Sponsors enjoyed a private dinner and talk at Fork in Philadelphia.  We hosted our eighth annual Grayken Program in International Real Estate in London.