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Topic: Equity Market


Private and Public Real Estate Investing Explained Matthew J. Lustig, Head of Investment Banking, North America and Head of Real Estate & Lodging, Lazard
How to Succeed as a Real Estate Professional Carl Tash, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Starwood Capital Group
Pointers on Investing Domestically and Internationally Carl Tash, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Starwood Capital Group

Working Papers

#334 · Capital Gains Tax Realizations and Tax Rates: New Evidence From Times Series Matthew Eichner and Todd Sinai
#349 · The Evolution of Real Estate in the Economy Dapeng Hu and Anthony Pennington-Cross
#361 · Subordinated Rolling Equity: Analyzing Real Estate Loan Default in the Era of Securitization Georgette Chapman Poindexter
#372 · Joint Ventures With Public Operators Robert J. Plumb and Joseph F. Azrack
#390 · Should Commercial Real Estate Be Included in the S&P 500? Peter Linneman and Stanley Ross
#402 · Bubbles in Real Estate Markets Richard Herring and Susan M. Wachter
#403 · What Can We Learn about Investment and Capital Structure with a Better Measure of q? William M. Gentry and Christopher J. Mayer
#413 · Real Estate Private Equity Funds Peter Linneman and Stanley Ross
#415 · Opportunistic Investing and Real Estate Private Equity Funds Dale Ann Reiss, Deborah Levinson and Sanford Presant
#416 · Real Estate: Past, Present, and Future Samuel Zell
#421 · The Forces Changing Real Estate Forever: Five Years Later Peter Linneman and Deborah C. Moy
#441 · Stock Market Rotations and REIT Valuation Robert Falzon
#444 · REITs as an Alternative Investment in Volatile Financial Markets Kenneth T. Rosen and Daniel T. Van Dyke
#447 · Real Estate Returns in the Public and Private Markets: A Reexamination Following the Rise of Equity REITs Joseph Gyourko
#463 · The Anatomy of Non-recourse Lending Andrey D. Pavlov and Susan M. Wachter
#507 · Dequity: The Blurring of Debt and Equity in Securitized Real Estate Financing Georgette Chapman Poindexter
#550 · Revisiting Return Profiles of Real Estate Investment Vehicles Peter Linneman and Deborah C. Moy
#557 · International Comparison of Housing Risk Premia Chris Julliard and Grace Wong
#573 · How Rising Housing Prices Have Stimulated U.S. Consumption Anthony Downs
#640 · Understanding Commercial Real Estate: Just How Different From Housing Is It? Joseph Gyourko and Joseph Tracy
#641 · The Paradox of Commercial Real Estate Debt Georgette Chapman Phillips
#681 · Revenue Costs and Incentive Effects of the Mortgage Interest Deduction for Owner-Occupied Housing James Potherb and Todd Sinai
#684 · Fair Value for Real Estate Brian D. Ruben and Matthew G. Kimmel
#697 · The Business of Real Estate After the Great Recession Anthony N. Charles
#700 · Is Beta-Risk Becoming More Important to Real Estate? Greg MacKinnon
#713 · Housing Busts and Household Mobility: An Update Fernando Vendramel Ferreira, Joseph Gyourko and Joseph Tracy
#725 · Lessons I Have Learned in My Career in the REIT Industry Jon Fosheim
#726 · The Making of an Asset Class Roy Hilton March
#776 · Macroeconomic risk factors and the role of mispriced credit in the returns from international real estate securities Andrey D. Pavlov, Eva Steiner, Susan M. Wachter